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VEM Designs is a multicultural fashion brand that designs hip, cool and simple t-shirts with West Coast, Caribbean and Asian inspiration.

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Founded by a team from Jamaica and the Philippines Island in 2019, VEM Designs aims to offer hip, cool, yet affordable island-inspired t-shirts with Caribbean and Asian vibes, right from their offices located in San Francisco, USA. VEM’s plan is to create an awe-inspiring brand around the countries and cities that represent them in various ways, with trendy designs and quality materials.

The multi-cultural team behind VEM wanted to highlight their Caribbean and Asian heritage which inspired them to come up with a collection of trendy and stylish daily-wear t-shirts for the tropical island and Asian people looking to showcase their roots in a fashionable way.


VEM draws inspiration from the similar cultural aspects shared by both Asians and Caribbeans, as well as strong shared values like the pride they take in their heritage and roots. “We design hip, cool, and simple T-shirts for the Caribbean and Asian markets” is a quote the VEM Designs team has on their website, that clearly displays their main goal and inspiration to create their designs.

Each VEM product item has a unique design and concept. It can be a theme or message that one will be proud to show and wear on an everyday basis, making their t-shirts an instant heavy-rotation item in your closet, as they are extremely wearable and comfortable. It’s like a collection of little gems in your closet ready to show and to take to the world. 

While the focus of the artfully and meticulously designed t-shirts is on the Caribbean and Asian markets, the VEM team doesn’t stop there, as they want to spread the fun vibes of their designs to anyone who likes their unique designs, and loves anything tropical island-themed. For anyone who loves the beach and tropical island life, VEM Design has the perfect everyday t-shirt that’s both hip and durable. 

The team behind the brand aims to offer quality and durable t-shirts that are made from high-quality materials and fabric. Aside from designing cool, funky, and hip t-shirts, they have made an effort to offer clothes that are breathable, durable, and comfortable. Every t-shirt is made out of 100% cotton so you can look and feel great every time you wear it.

VEM recently expanded its catalog to include facemask that you can get personalized with your logo and have special discounts for companies with essential workers.

VEM Designs

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