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System Akvile is a skincare brand that caters to adults with acne-prone skin, giving them a set of 4 products for everyday use and a skincare plan to help them improve their skin.

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System Akvile’s mission is to provide its customers with a science-backed, simple skincare routine to help them improve on their acne-prone skin, all whilst cultivating a culture of friendship. That means, they won’t play with their customers’ insecurities and want them to feel confident in their skin.

Like so many of us, founder Akvile had problems with her skin for as long as she could remember. She tried everything and hopped from product to product and piled them all on in an attempt to get rid of her pimples and/or prevent new ones, only to be let down again and again. What’s more, Akvile realized that her product-hopping mainly led to skin irritation, and it was a waste of both her time AND money. 

After struggling with her skin throughout her Ph.D. and feeling frustrated by the lack of products and research for adult acne, she decided to get serious about her skincare. That’s when System Akvile came to life, first the blog and now the skincare brand.

“I founded System Akvile in 2018 because I was frustrated by the amount of products that claimed to "fix" acne that didn't actually work. I wanted to cut through the noise and create a system of products that managed every aspect of acne-prone skin. Now I've done just that,” tells Akvile about the journey to founding her skincare startup.

Akvile is also flipping the script and carving out a space within the beauty industry for female founders. The beauty and technology industries nowadays, although more diverse than they were, are still dominated by men, which means that the skincare available doesn’t cater to the needs of those who actually use it.

“I think we need to address the fact that having "clear skin" is such an unrealistic beauty standard. When it comes to acne-prone skin, there will be days when your skin is breaking out, and others when it is clearing up, but it can take a long time to see results” System Akvile is here to disrupt outdated beauty standards and put the spotlight on skincare for adult acne. Up until now, skincare brands have mostly provided products for teen acne, which just doesn’t cut it. 

As with many other founders, Akvile got the inspiration for the skincare system through her own struggles, in her case, as the aftermath of quitting the pill “My skin reacted really badly to the changes in my hormone levels, I struggled with breakouts and I couldn't find any products that helped. It made me feel very lonely because I tried every single "miracle product" I could find and nothing worked.”

Not being able to find a skincare product or brand that would yield the desired results, she decided to create her own skincare system to help others with adult acne-prone skin to manage their skin. 

Through developing the system, Akvil now knows that you should forget about finding "miracle" products. All you need to do is commit to a routine. The system consists of 4 products with the right balance of ingredients that can be used every day in a routine. The Akvile team is also developing an app to help people keep up the routine and track their progress.

System Akvile

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