SaaS, Marketplace is a unique Marketplace that connects great written works with the Global Production Community, with the goal of producing film, TV, theater, or web. 

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Storyrocket is a Miami based startup founded by Media Executive/Screenwriter Ron Karasz and 2-time Emmy-winning Producer Ana Benitez with extensive experience in the Entertainment Marketplace. In Entertainment content is king.  But getting content into the hands of producers and decision-makers is no easy feat, even for a best-selling author. is a result of a need in the Entertainment Business to provide writers the opportunity to promote, network and ultimately get their stories optioned.

Storyrocket is an online promotional tool that lets you easily share your story with the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a novelist, screenwriter, playwright or just someone with great ideas, with Storyrocket you’ll create a professional pitch package and upload it to a database that producers, studios, and investors search for new content. Your story may be the next big hit!

The site allows members to fully detail their written works with log-lines, synopses, posters, banners, cast-wish-lists, and videos like, "elevator pitches" and trailers.  Storyrocket has a free membership model with revenue sources derived from expanded project postings. "We recognize the challenges the Entertainment Business has and Storyrocket intends to change this." says co-founder Ron Karasz.

How does it work?

  • Get Discovered: they provide a step-by-step solution to help you easily create a professional pitch package. When finished, it uploads to the database where producers look for content.
  • Promote Your Story: 1 click is all it takes to populate social media with your poster, log-line, and a link to your pitch package.
  • Own 100% Of Your Deal: If your story is optioned or produced, Storyrocket takes ZERO! When producers are interested, they’ll communicate directly with you, your publisher, or your literary agent.
  • Projects With Unique URLs: create a micro-site with your story’s name on it. Save time, save money and it’s a snap to update.
  • Great Value: Join a network of global entertainment professionals for FREE. When you’re ready to post your work and create your pitch package, plans start at just $95 for the year.

Though at first sight, the Marketplace seems to service writers, but it's doing a great service to producers as well, since producers are always looking for a great story, and finding compelling content is a challenge.  Production companies spend a considerable amount of time and money vetting scripts that come from a multitude of sources. There is no one place that consolidates and organizes content easily and visually, like Storyrocket, so that finding the next big hit is just a few clicks away.

Storyrocket's goal is to have the largest collection of content worldwide that is easily searchable from anywhere, 24/7. Storyrocket's robust search engine does just that. Whether you're searching for a book, script or treatment, producers can easily filter by genre, gender, location, era, etc. and can communicate directly with the content owner or agent.

"Today, not only the traditional networks and studios are in competition for great content, but companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are producing great original movies, shows, and series as well.  This trend will continue to grow as new outlets emerge, creating the need for more and more content.  Storyrocket will be here to meet that demand," says Emmy-winning producer and co-founder Ana Benitez.

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