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Pathwaves is a digital therapeutics company specializing in NeuroEmpowerment™ - a proprietary, evidence-based, multi-dimensional, and transformative methodology that uses the powerful principles of neuroplasticity, neurotechnology, therapy, and coaching to help individuals attain their optimal state of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical harmony.

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Pathwaves is the realization of nearly a decade spent mapping, studying, and balancing brainwave activity. Originally founded in 2008 as The Brain Training Centers of Florida, the company evolved into Pathwaves in 2016 as they forged the NeuroEmpowerment™ process through extensive research and development, performing over 16,000 sessions in 12 years.

Pathwaves is now a thriving Miami-based Biopsychology Digital Therapeutics company providing Mental Health Therapy as well as Performance Improvement Services utilizing neurotechnology equipment combined with timeless cognitive behavioral therapy and/or coaching techniques. 

Pathwaves has effectively established a tracked, evidence-based process that quantifies and improves cognitive mental, and emotional function, providing the ability to objectively quantify a person's level of mental function through their NeuroEmpowerment™ platform that integrates neuroscience and psychology giving you power over your life.

In an interview, Geoff Cole, founder of Pathwaves explained what they do “The technical answer is that we are the creators of Neural Empowerment and what we do is help people re-parent their cells by developing a customized program for each client’s genetics, current biology, beliefs, life experiences and desired outcomes.

What do we really do? We help people optimize their flow, however, they define that for themselves. Said another way, we compress time and compound change by working at the intersection of neuroplasticity, neurotech, and psychology.

We’re in the change business for people who are working with a clinical condition as well as peak performers who are looking to “go next level”. And how can we do that? Well, we look at the fundamentals of who we are or the ontology of being human, and we build comprehensive programs around all of that so that people’s magic can shine

Through his personal experience with depression, and his professional experience in psychology (and later, neuroscience) Cole realized that there was no standardized psychology process, nor a manner of providing objective reporting. The number of facilities that objectively or subjectively measure, track, and report their effectiveness was negligible, so he embarked on a journey to find a way to fix this, and along the way, the NeuroEmpowerment™ program was developed. 

After seven years of research, NeuroEmpowerment™ was created in 2015; a standardized program that combines proven therapeutic and coaching techniques with Neurofeedforward™, a process that subjectively and objectively measures, tracks and reports its efficiency. 

The NeuroEmpowerment™ process is based on the science of neuroplasticity — the brain and body's ability to build new neural pathways and synapses.  The methodology is a unique combination of cutting-edge digital integration technology (neurotechnology), coaching, and counseling, along with therapeutic mindfulness techniques that provide natural and sustainable results.

By using powerful principles of neuroplasticity along with integrative biofeedback and timeless healing modalities, the Pathwaves team has built something really special – whereby they help empower people to attain an optimal state of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical harmony.

The process begins with the proprietary NeuroQuant™ as the first step, which reveals the areas of imbalance and is followed by an average of 12 Neurofeedforward™ sessions — a process that uses neurotechnology to create new, previously non-existent neural pathways and synaptic connections. The sessions are designed to correct the imbalances and are supported by therapy and coaching. The methodology is non-invasive and medication-free.

Using this innovative method, Cole has helped over 1,300 clients – men, women, and children; analyzed over 200,000 brain map segments, and created and facilitated more than 20,000 sessions. He has reviewed more than 1,000,000 minutes of brainwave recordings.

The Pathwaves methodology is truly unique and the impact it creates for people from all walks of life is impressive. It has been highly successful in relieving symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, ADD/ADHD, and an array of other issues, as well as seeking to improve your focus, energy, or performance – they can and do it, and are helping people every day. 

Patients can’t rave enough about how “powerful” and “life-changing” their experience with Pathwave has been. Even if they were skeptical at the beginning, the results they’ve seen after as little as one or two sessions made them keep coming back to continue their treatment.

You can learn more about how Pathwaves works on their website.


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