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OOjEE is a digital platform (app and website) that offers significant promotions for dining during OOjEE Hours - for immediate, in-your-pocket savings of up to 40% at your favorite places to eat! Their partner program, OOjEE Share, contributes with each transaction to programs that help feed people in the Miami-Dade community.

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This Miami-based startup was founded by Missy & Karen. Two foodie friends who love dining out but don’t love the hit on the bank account. They were later joined by Keith, Andrea, Laura, and Mitch who shared their vision and went to form the OOjEE team. This group of foodies was looking for a simple, one-click solution that would help people save money when enjoying a good meal. Their answer to this was creating OOjEE.

OOjEE is an app, and website that gives you immediate savings when you eat out at your favorite places during specific times of day, that they’ve called “OOjEE hours”. The result? Same great places, same great food, same great experience - just a lot less expensive!

How does it work?

  • No subscriptions, no coupons, nothing to pre-pay, no points to redeem later. Free to use! Simply find your OOjEE Hour and book it!
  • Everything in one place! Eat at your favorite restaurants or explore someplace new!
  • Every time you use OOjEE, you are supporting the community by helping to reduce food waste and feed people.

As an added benefit of saving money on delicious food, every time you use OOjEE, they donate directly to programs that help feed the hungry in our community. OOjEE connects the dots: restaurants + people + community. It's a Win x4! For everyone who eats out, for restaurants, for the environment and for the hungry. The formula is the perfect solution!

The OOjEE team has been working hard to create the first Miami Guide to Specials for Takeout & Delivery. Restaurants and eateries are showing them some love in by offering specials deals. Joining as an OOjEE partner includes no subscription fee and no pay-to-play; and the OOjEEShare program comes at no cost to you.

OOjEEShare is OOjEE’s Community Impact Program In addition to restaurant specials for OOjEE Foodies, OOjEEShare helps eliminate food waste by collecting good, excess food from partner restaurants, hotels, caterers, and other businesses, and feeding the hungry in our community. Feeding Hungry Bellies...not Landfills, thus reducing the negative impact of food waste on the environment and having a positive impact on our community.

Without Navigate, it certainly would be taking me a lot longer to get where we are - and I have no doubt that we would have made unnecessary mistakes and expenditures, along the way. I know my success is important to Pedro and the Navigate team, and I feel as though the work, while absolutely on me and my team, is a collaborative effort.

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