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NeuroTennis is a wearable wristband that improves all aspects of your tennis game. Designed by industry pros and neuroscience experts, it helps you take your game to the next level by coaching you in real time, giving you commands as you play to improve both your physical and mental condition.

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Neuro Tennis is the first real-time coaching wearable, designed by a team including Matts Wilander, former world number 1, and eight times Grand Slam singles champion. Wilander believes in modifying a tennis player's game and that training the mind is just as important as skills and overall fitness in order to make the next level.

With SmartCoach Technology™, it’s unlike any other sports wearable on the market. While other wearables in the same category that only give you statistics, NeuroTennis provides coaching instructions that are synchronized with the rhythm of your play as you play. 

Tennis players know that tennis is one of the most mental sports there is. The mental side is the hardest aspect of the game to master. You can be fit, you can have all the physical aspects down, but if your mind isn’t up to par, chances are you won’t achieve your full potential. 

NeuroTennis is the only wearable designed to specifically exercise that all-important “muscle” – your brain! NeuroTennis delivers a unique combination of mental and physical training, programming your mind and body to work together, which is critical for maximizing your potential.

How does it work?

Easy to use for all levels and ages: you can start getting benefits from the first day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual player or a pro athlete. Just put on the wristband, link it to the phone app and you’re ready to go.

Smart and Adaptive: SmartCoach instructions are synchronized with the rhythm of your playing, conditioning your brain to develop the best skills and habits, as well as keeping you motivated through your practice.

Solo/Two-Player Mode: NeuroTennis can be used solo or in a unique two-player mode with sensors that communicate across the court to stimulate your reactions at the exact right time.

NeuroTennis App: NeuroTennis is controlled by an app on your smartphone. The app allows you to select and customize lessons and drills from an extensive library designed by our world-class coaches, including Mats Wilander, former world number 1, and winner of eight grand slams.

What makes this wearable so different from other smart tennis gadgets on the market is that it coaches you while you play. Other wearable tennis products just measure physical results like speed and spin, and tell you how many strokes of each type you hit, without much actionable information. These metrics are unlikely to make a significant change in your game. NeuroTennis is about actionable information – what you can do right now to raise your game. With NeuroTennis’ extensive library of coaching instructions and personalization technology, you will always be pushing your game to the next level.

The key scientific principle underlying NeuroTennis is neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to structurally adapt and change. As learning occurs, neural connections and related brain structures are strengthened and modified. These changes are the physical manifestation of learning embodied in the brain’s biological structures. They focus on keeping the person motivated, using self-talk, and learning theory to achieve an overall better performance on the court. 

Preprogrammed training sessions that allow players to link with each other’s NeuroTennis devices are designed to help tennis players improve their skills and timing, as well as build and maintain motivation. A whitepaper about the research NeuroTennis is based on can be read on their website. 

The built-in Live Coaching program keeps you working with a professional-level focus on the court the entire time you are playing, teaching your brain-specific improvements. In each practice session, you can expect to acquire new skills or perfect your current ones. The instructions can also be customized depending on what aspect of your game you wish to work on

The wrist wearable comes with built-in sensors that react in real-time when you or your opponent strike the ball. Reacting as soon as possible is a key improvement area for most players, even at the pro level. NeuroTennis instantly prompts you to react at precise times during the rally. The technology has also been patented in the US.


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