Holisticly makes it easier for companies to better support their employees. With the Holisticly platform, companies can provide a wellbeing stipend for each of their employees and offer access to vetted fitness, mental health, continuous learning, and financial wellbeing offerings, allowing you to support your team's wellness, remotely.

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When wellbeing enthusiasts and HR executives work together to create a simple, employee-friendly, and enjoyable employee wellness solutions, you get Holisticly. They strive to provides wellness solutions for your team and lets each employee choose what works for them. 

Holisticly is a new type of employee wellness benefit designed to empower employees, which let’s them decide what works from them. The idea behind the Holisticly platform is allowing companies to offer a wellness stipend and provide employees with vetted and integrated wellness solutions for fitness and mental health like Classpass, Calm, Headspace, Audible, and more.

​They use top-rated fitness and mental health solutions to boost employee morale and improve productivity.​ Empowering employees means higher engagement, and according to studies, employees are more engaged when provided time for healthy activities and more likely to have higher job performance when wellness is prioritized.

With Holisticly, you get an all-in-one platform that reduces administrative burden while giving employees the options they deserve. The platform is designed to make it easy to implement and run a wellness program at any company. 

All wellness offerings and wellbeing stipends are managed through the platform, providing reports on a monthly basis for People and Finance Teams. There’s no minimum user count, no minimum annual spend and it’s completely free to implement, the platform will run the program for you and give you monthly reports.

How does it work?

  • You choose a monthly wellbeing allowance to offer each employee
  • With just your employee's names and emails, we'll invite them to participate
  • Your employees choose the wellness initiative that works for them

For employers, Holisticly facilitates an employer provided wellness stipend and fully manages administration of the program, providing an all-in-one solution, with Wellness stipend management and Automated monthly reports. 

For employees, Holisticly is the easiest way to find and sign up for remote-friendly fitness and mental health solutions that work while you are working from home, in a way that’s easy to use, personalized, and integrated.

Make well being more accessible, discoverable, and engaging by offering a monthly wellbeing stipend to your team through the Holisticly platform. 

At home wellness solution for employees

In response to COVID-19, employees around the world are rising to the occasion and working from home to do their part in flattening the curve.

Now more than ever, remote wellness solutions are vital to maintaining employee health & engagement during a time surrounded by such uncertainty. Support this global effort by supporting your employees with a remote wellness solution that allows employees to choose what works for them.


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