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Asian Cuisine, Food Delivery Service

Happy Tummy Asia is the first Chinese and Thai food business to offer authentic Asian flavors that are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, kosher, allergen-friendly, and mostly organic.

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Monita Sun is a Culture & Food Innovator; and a people-focused Educator from Brooklyn, experienced in the development of new products and new markets. She combines that with 20 years of experience of expertly cooking to create inclusive, authentic flavored Asian food, for all kinds of eaters.

Monita founded and developed the recipes for the growth of Happy Tummy Asia, the first Chinese and Thai food with authentic flavors that are available for all kinds of eaters - gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, kosher, allergen-friendly, and mostly organic recipes. This start-up is quickly gaining attention from seasoned foodies and Asian food lovers from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

“We really believe that everyone should be able to come and sit at our table (and rock their taste buds) - no matter what - and that's what we replicate in our menus”, which can be read on Happy Tummy Asia’s website as part of the vision Monita has for the business she’s founded, with a passion for bringing the flavors of Asian food very close to her heart. “Food is my family's love language” She said. 

From Monita's regional Xi'an family dishes to her business partner Josh's years of living and eating from the north to south of Thailand, to family dinner Sunday night Chinese food take out, they’ve always enjoyed sharing the dishes they love.

When Josh had a sudden allergic reaction to one of their favorite dishes, they discovered he needed to drastically change his diet to combat this auto-immune disease. “We saw ourselves and so many around us lose the ability to enjoy these delicious cultural connections to their Asian favorites.” 

Monita wanted to combine their years of experience living and cooking in Asia with their new auto-immune-friendly diet, “thus, we founded Happy Tummy Asia, to curate our favorite Asian dishes while matching the cutting edge of nutrition. All to bring you the best of real Asian favorites without compromising your diet”.

Their dishes and recipes came about through their individual and collective food and cultural journey, “as our food paths have come together and shifted, we didn't want to lose what mattered when we were eating these dishes at their height of flavor.” That's why they do their best to source fresh, all-natural, mostly organic ingredients.

Every recipe Happy Tummy Asia uses for their meals is gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and kosher, with many dishes made for various allergy-sensitivities. Each dish available from the menu on their website is labeled with all the allergy-related information you need to know before you order.

If you have further questions, Monita is always happy to answer, as one of her recent clients put in a review “The owner is super sweet and got back to me right away with answers to my questions. This is now my go-to place for takeaway - it is trustworthy and reliable (not something I have always found with gluten-free takeaway during this pandemic).”

Meals are freshly made, delivered weekly on Fridays in an easy-to-reheat container that goes straight into the oven or microwave. Dishes are designed for family-style eating with portions serving 1-2 people. Enjoy anytime within 3-4 days of delivery.

Happy Tummy Asia is currently delivering to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Happy Tummy Asia

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