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Feppy is a bilingual subscription box for kids 3-5 years to help them learn English or Spanish. The Feppy box arrives at your home monthly, full of surprises so your kid can learn while having fun.

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Studies have shown that the best time to learn a second language is between birth and age of 7. During those years the brain is built to absorb information in an unconscious way, that’s why Ronit, CEO of Feppy, made FeppyBox- a bilingual subscription box for kids ages 3-5.


Feppy was founded by Ronit, a mom who knew from her own childhood experience that exposing kids to more than one language it's a gift that kids will treasure for life. Learning while having fun is her mantra and this is how FeppyBox works.


Being passionate about children, entertainment, and the diversity of cultures, the idea of ​​Feppy was born: a subscription box with bilingual content both in English and Spanish for children to learn while having fun. The name Feppy is a mix of “Happy” and “Feliz” (spanish for “happy”), a nod to the bilingual nature of the product and their ideal to make kids enjoy the journey of learning a new language. 


Helping Ronit create all the educational content for the monthly boxes, is a passionate multidisciplinary team that believes that learning more than one language is a key for children to expand their cognitive and emotional connections. The team is made of knowledgeable, experienced professionals, specialized in children’s education and entertainment.


Their subscription box exposes kids in a fun way to English and Spanish through bilingual books, songs and play.  


How does it work?

  • Choose your Month to Month Subscription (Feppy box or Feppy siblings) 
  • Receive the box with the books, games and activities once a month
  • Cancel anytime

 “I was lucky to grow up learning more than one language. As a mom, I understood from the beginning that raising bilingual kids is one of the greatest gifts I could give my children. Being bilingual goes beyond being able to connect with grandparents or friends, it’s a tool that brings opportunities for the future and connects with other cultures.” Said Ronit, founder and CEO of Feppy

FeppyBox is empowering kids to grow FEPPILY bilingual, and opening doors to better opportunities, from understanding grammy, grandpa, and abuelitos, to working on a multinational or just being more culturally inclusive. Their mission is to connect kids with the globe through language, in order to build a more inclusive and FEPPIER world around them.


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