Curriculum Development, Corporate Training, Coach Education

Emerge is a Curriculum Development Company that offers assistance in creating the best educational experience available for developing knowledge, building skills and changing behaviors in your workforce.

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Curriculum development is a process of improving the structure of development programs. Various approaches have been used in developing curriculum. Commonly used approaches consist of analysis (i.e. need analysis, task analysis), design (i.e. objective design), selecting (i.e. choosing appropriate learning/teaching methods and appropriate assessment methods), formation ( i.e. formation of the curriculum implementation committee / curriculum evaluation committee) and review ( i.e. curriculum review committee)

The team at Emerge has collectively over 100 years of experience with curriculum development, instructional design, graphic design, and teaching experience in all facets of educational environments from developing training for corporations, sports organizations, creating courses for public schools, developing courses for universities, to creating training for non-profit organizations. 

How Does It Work?

They start by conducting a preliminary analysis of learner needs, so an effective curriculum can be developed. This step includes the creation or revision of a series of performance goals that anchor the framework of training. After the set of performance goals have been identified, a needs analysis is conducted to evaluate the current level of performance against the intended goals.

Keeping up with the evolving market of education, Emerge has created curriculum for in-person delivery, eLearning deployment, and blended learning experiences, always aiming at the excellence of each educational institution and their team. 

“We believe that smart innovation in the curriculum developmental process is the key to a positive user experience and better learning retention” the Emerge team have stated in their website. They incorporate new advances in learning theory and utilize new technologies to create curriculum. 


Whether you're starting from scratch, or updating an existing program, Emerge can help you with Curriculum Development, Coach Education, Corporate Training. They are constantly evaluating their processes and making organizational improvements to provide a great user experience, and produce exceptional learning gains.


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