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Bevvi is an online marketplace for liquor, beer, and wine. Bevvi partners with local stores to offer users the lowest prices on alcohol for stocking up your personal bar and virtual happy hours, as well as bartending services.

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Bevvi is the first online platform to order liquor, beer, and wine with the convenience of free same-day delivery and bulk pricing.

Bevvi offers a selected list of alcohol items from their partners on the Bevvi portal and App at discounted rates. Users can order using the Bevvi website and schedule delivery. Bevvi’s partners will guarantee delivery within 3 hours, connecting enterprise customers to local alcohol retailers, focusing on great deals


This platform caters to enterprise customers who are looking for product discounts for events and special uses. By connecting businesses directly to local retailers, enterprises can support local communities while providing a solid experience for their employees and stakeholders. No lines, no delivery fees, no membership fees, all with cost savings from local liquor businesses.

Enterprise consumers can benefit from the power of bulk buying to get savings on their alcohol purchases for their company happy hours and other corporate events; in turn, suppliers can market their products to large scale consumers directly. Users on Bevvi can also order bartenders online for their events.

Bevvi’s platform connects corporate customers not only with local liquor stores but also convenience stores. Corporate customers can use Bevvi's website and app to order anything from alcohol, mixers, and other event-related items for the corporate parties or personal happy hours with friends and family. Harnessing the power of bulk buying from corporate clients, users of Bevvi can obtain volume discounts from stores, brands, and pass on the discount to their customers.

How does it work?

  • Partners offer a selected list of alcohol items on the Bevvi portal and App at discounted rates. 
  • Users can order using the Bevvi website and schedule delivery. 
  • Partners will guarantee delivery within 3 hours.
  • Pour your favorite spirits or have a professional Bartender from Bevvi expertly mix your drinks. Cheers! 

Using the website, you can pick your delivery address and enter your order. You can choose the products, quantity and schedule your delivery by prepaying for the order.

Bevvi is currently offered in New York City, Fort Lauderdale, Long Island, Jersey City, Hoboken, and Miami. We will soon be adding other states.

Whats does Bevvi Bartender service by the hour provide?

Bevvi bartenders are well trained and know how to set up and bar to make your event a successful one. They bring the openers, shakers, pour spouts, bar mats, squeeze bottles, and more.


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