Medical Plan Compliance, Patient Engagement

Avsee helps physicians provide information and assistance to their patients so they can adhere to their medical plan and stay healthy, and deliver better health outcomes, and saves costs across the health system.

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Patients need to comply with their physician’s medical plan for it to be effective. Unfortunately, noncompliance is a highly overlooked problem affecting patient outcomes and healthcare costs. Avsee is a better way to engage, track, and help patients comply with their medical plans. 

Their innovative software scans EHR information along with Doctor's notes to automatically generate Video Summaries that patients can watch to review what was discussed on the visit.

These personalized Videos can have up to 10X more engagement and helps retain the information better, which in turn helps patience effectively comply with their medical plans.

How it works

  • Patient engagement: Help patients navigate the health system and comply with their medical plan.
  • Track Progress: Collect Patient-Reported Progress and events to better understand what drives compliance.
  • Analytics: Analyze aggregate data through custom reports and dashboards to increase compliance.
  • Video Summaries: Personalized  Video Summaries after every visit for better retention.
  • Targeted reminders: Individually target patients based on their behavior to keep them on track.
  • EHR Integration: Fully integrated with EHR means no extra work for physicians.


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