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What is a Venture Builder?

A Venture builder is a way to fix the funding gap for many funded or bootstrapped startups. They provide help in the development of product or software's for founders and help build a framework for marketing campaigns, branding and go-to-market strategies, effectively shortening time-to-market and putting a company way ahead of competitors.

Essentially, venture builder teams help demystify the process of launching a successful startup by using human capital to build new value from the ground from business experts with experience, knowledge, and connections. 

Navigates’ venture builder offers Advisory from past-startup owners who know what they’re doing. Along with this, they help oversee large-scale projects for a marketing campaign, website, software, or app. Bringing in a hand-selected team of developers for each project they assure there’s a lean startup ecosystem.

An experienced team helping you build systematically and increase the chances of a successful startup
Equity free program keeps your cap table clean so you can raise your next round of funding.
A customizable growth action plan to get you where you need to be.

Business planning made simple

Every great startup begins with an idea. It's what comes after the idea that counts. It sounds corny, but it's true: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

We work closely with you to develop the must-haves your startup needs:

Brand Audit
Pitch Deck
Go To Market Strategy
Financial Forecast
Marketing Audit

Marketing support on demand

Get access to marketing strategy as well as a team that knows your business and can launch landing pages and ad campaigns quickly and cost-effectively.

Landing Pages
Conversion Rate Optimization
Social Media Marketing

Community is everything

Whether it's office hours that get you quality time with legal and financial professionals, or warm intros to VCs and potential capital partners, or just bouncing ideas around with other founders, our community will elevate your startup journey.

Legal and Fiancial Advisors
Intros to VCs
Exclusive Events
Meet other Founders

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